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Our instructorLinnea Cauble, 

has decades of experience riding, showing and training horses in a variety of disciplines. 

The equestrian program at 

Timber Glen offers balanced-seat riding lessons to students of all ages, from beginner to advanced riders. 

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Unlock your horse's potential and let their personality shine.

  • ground work

  • starting under saddle

  • desensitizing

  • ground driving

  • jumping

  • dressage

  • trail obstacles

  • show preparation

  • field, arena, trails

  • english and western

  • learn to work with your horse so you can excel together 


PEMF therapy naturally stimulates the body to increase blood flow, thus reducing inflammation & increasing oxygenation to tissues.


Boost the immune system.

Decrease pain & inflammation.

Faster recovery after a

workout or competition.

Expedite the healing of wounds, soft tissue injuries, surgical procedures & broken bones. 

Brands & Companies
we use & love!


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County Saddlery - Logic

"Best for backs"

Your horse's back & your own,

plus more! 


Human Performance Technology that stimulates the CNS for improved balance, reduced pain, reduced anxiety & better focus.

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