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What is PEMF therapy?

Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields (PEMF) therapy stimulates the

bio-electromagnetic field of the body to increase cell function.

Benefits of improved cell function:

Healthier cells

Increased energy

 Reduced inflammation

Reduced pain

Wounds/Injuries heal faster

Increased oxygen to tissues

Bone mending

How does PEMF work?

When the machine is turned on, an audible click is heard as a pulse of electromagnetic current is emitted from the coil. The waves penetrate 16" deep through all tissue including bone, muscle, tendons. The electromagnetic waves stimulate cells to become more permeable, resulting in healthier cells. 

What causes the twitching?

Fasciculation is the visible movement of the muscles and fascia as the electromagnetic waves pass through the body and encounter resistance.

This movement is normal and is often indicative of an area of sensitivity or inflammation. 

How do I know its working?

Sometimes when using PEMF to improve overall wellness of our animals it is difficult to "see" it working. 

What are some positive effects that can be visually seen?

Relaxation during the session 

Increased urination or deification

Increased energy 

Increased fluidity of movement

Decreased stress/anxiety

Increased restfulness

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