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Nutrition Consultation

Schedule a private consultation to evaluate one horse or a whole herd! 

We enjoy getting to know you and your horse(s), and take the time to identify the key traits that make your horse unique. We take into account their current diet, age, body condition, muscle mass, breed, level of exercise, and your goals for each horse as we help you develop a nutrition & wellness program.

Ration Balancing:

There are a few things that should always be taken into consideration when balancing a horse's diet to meet their fitness goals. 

* The foundation of all nutrition programs should be a forage-based ration. The addition of supplements or feed is to balance the macro & micro nutrients to meet the horse's daily requirements.

* Feeding should be simple. Each horse is unique, but stocking a pharmacy of supplements and additives in your feed room is not necessary. 

* All rations should provide a balanced calcium to phosphorus ratio, replenish essential amino acids, and meet energy demands.   

* What types of forages and brands of feed are readily available in your area?


* Utilizing a hay sample analysis provides valuable information to be able to completely balance a ration. We are able to assist you in taking a sample of your hay, sending it to the lab, and interpreting the results. 



Feed labels can be very misleading. A product could have a great feed label, but if that nutritional value is not absorbed and ends up on the ground as manure, you really haven't gotten what you paid for. 

- Chaffhaye



Meadow and Mill strives to provide a variety of high quality forage and feed options from Chaffhaye and Seminole Feeds to our customers within the Piedmont Area of North Carolina. For more information about these products, visit our Forage and Feed page.

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