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Riding Lessons & Leasing

~ Private lessons - 60 mins of instruction

~ Group lessons - 90 mins of instruction

Mounted and un-mounted lessons provide students with guided instruction to develop their horsemanship skills, in addition to their riding skills. Over the years, we have developed a system that utilizes positive encouragement and constructive evaluation to assist students in overcoming challenges and fears, so that they can become confident horse-men / horse-women in all situations. 

Mounted instruction, with a focus on balanced-seat equitation, encourages the development of the most effective riding position for balance and clear, effective communication with the horse.

Leasing is a great way to experience all of the benefits of horse ownership, without the life-long commitment to owning one horse. 

~ Unlimited riding opportunities

Leasees can exercise their horse during day-time hours

even when lessons are unavailable.

~ Discounted riding lessons

~ Received first priority for riding activities 

ie. horse shows, clinics, off-the-farm rides

~ Ability to switch to lease a different horse

~ No additional farrier or veterinary costs

~ Half lease vs Full lease

Half-lease = the horse will regularly be used for lessons by other students

Full-lease = equivalent to ownership,

the horse will only be used for lessons by other students, if necessary

~ Pay per lesson - $50.00 each

~ Pre-paid, multi-lesson packages

Lessons do not roll over month to month

4 lesson package

$50.00/lesson = $200.00/mo

6 lesson package

$45.00/lesson = $270.00/mo 

($30.00 savings/mo)

8 lesson package

$40.00/lesson = $320.00/mo 

($80.00 savings/mo)

Half Lease

$275.00/mo + Lesson Package

Full Lease

$450.00/mo + Lesson Package

NEW!! School-year discount! 

$25.00 OFF each month,

PLUS 50% OFF the month of August. 

Register by August 15th to lock-in the discounts!

The leasing discounts are available Aug 1, 2022 until May 31, 2023

Horses - past, present & coming soon!

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